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What day is it Twitter?

….Oh, look Twitter, it’s ‘Bash a Muslimah Day, again.’

Look around the Twitter-sphere and amongst the bots and madness, you’ll find an ample amount of people waiting and willing to give their opinion on any topic (@HassanMBD discussed these at length.)  One specific piece of clothing seems to be discussed on a daily basis, I’m surprised it isn’t trending all the time.

Every day on Twitter is ‘bash a Muslimah day.’ Every. Single. Day. You can guarantee that a Muslim sister in a some corner of the world will have a load of vitriol and abuse thrown at her.  And no, I don’t mean from the likes of the EDL, I mean from ‘her own’ people. It is almost as if they’re sat there waiting for someone to ‘slip up,’ a Twitter Sheikh is never too far away.

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