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A Star in the Making

Introducing Zach Shaikh and his story on his journey to become a professional footballer

As a Muslim born and bred in Britain and someone fascinated with sport, it has always intrigued me to learn and find out about those who are trying to break barriers and become professional stars within mainstream sport.

With this in mind, I have a first interview lined up with Zachariah Shaikh, you can find him on Twitter @ZizziShaikh

Zach currently resides in North Carolina, America where he moved in order to pursue his footballing career.  Being the only child and born to Muslim parents in the UK, he has always had their support and blessing to become the best he can be.  Blessed with natural talent and a desire to compete at the highest level possible, Zach answers a few questions and tells of his journey to become a professional footballer.

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Asian Footballers, a generation to come.

I don’t consider this to be the million dollar question, however having recently joined Twitter, I have realised more than I ever thought, the number of Asian Muslims who enjoy watching football.  I say Asian Muslims, because being one myself, I find this area the easiest one to talk about.

I would just like to pre-warn, that all of this is based on experiences, a lot of it won’t be politically correct but it is what I have found as I was growing up.  Some maybe generalisations, for which I apologise.

Ask a male white child what/who they want to be when they grow older, “Wayne Rooney”, “Steven Gerrard”, “Lionel Messi” and similar names will roll of their tongues.

Ask a male Asian Muslim child what they want to be, “Doctor”, “Accountant”, “Engineer” and similar occupations will roll of their tongues.

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