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Who is Babar Ahmad?

“…Babar Ahmad is a 35 year old British Muslim and the longest detained-without-charge British detainee held as part of the global ‘war on terror’.”

So, a couple of weeks ago I posted a petition for Babar Ahmad to be put on trial in the UK, on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The first question I was asked was ‘who is he?’, and ‘why should we sign his petiton?’.  Both good questions.  But both shocked me.  Firsty, I was shocked that a man that had suffered such an injustice at the hands of ‘justice system’ was so little known and secondly I was left somewhat perplexed as to WHY people didn’t know about him.

Babar Ahmad currently has a contingency of volunteers working tirelessly for his release or at least for him to be tried in the UK.  He is a British Muslim who has been caught up in the wave of ‘anti-terror’ legislation and left to pay a high price.  As stated in the website he is:

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