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Iman Boost

“Allah has divided His mercy into 99 parts, and given one part of His mercy to the earth. So what would His Mercy, the other 99 parts, be like on the Day of Judgment? If Allah has said that His Mercy encompasses all things, how would it not encompass you? It has encompassed those whose actions are worse than yours, like the man who killed 99 people and then killed one more person making them 100, and Allah has forgiven him. How could He not forgive you and have mercy on you?

So how can you be the recipient of Allah’s Mercy? Ask for it in your prayer.” – via SuhaibWebbSite

Every now and then we all need a reminder.  At the end of the day, we are all human therefore often get sucked into this dunya and become forgetful of our purpose.  inA, this page will serve as an area where I will post articles, videos, hadiths or links to reminders/images which have benefited me and by the will of Allah, will inA also be beneficial to others.  If you’ve any specific videos you’d like to share, please share them in the comments section.

If you’re unable to sit and watch the video via YouTube, I would recommend using this website to convert the YouTube video into mp3 format inA, and playing via phone for ease of listening.


  • What Allah Wants for You – Hafidh Wissam Sharief – This is absolutely beautiful.  Thirty minutes, but well worth the time.  HFS gives the tafsir of several ayahs of the Qur’an, particularly focussing on the aspect of forgiveness.  How and why does Allah forgive His creation.
  • Sister Yasmin Mogahed gives a detailed explanation on a question we often always find ourselves asking.  In our hearts of hearts, we know why.  But sometimes, need reminding.  Why isn’t Allah answering my duas?


  • How can we taste the sweetness of prayer?  What exactly is khushoo?  Why can’t I concentrate in my Salah?  via the superb, a detailed tafsir is given of the explanation of what we say, the actions we make and how we become closer to Allah through salah [namaz].





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