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What day is it Twitter?

….Oh, look Twitter, it’s ‘Bash a Muslimah Day, again.’

Look around the Twitter-sphere and amongst the bots and madness, you’ll find an ample amount of people waiting and willing to give their opinion on any topic (@HassanMBD discussed these at length.)  One specific piece of clothing seems to be discussed on a daily basis, I’m surprised it isn’t trending all the time.

Every day on Twitter is ‘bash a Muslimah day.’ Every. Single. Day. You can guarantee that a Muslim sister in a some corner of the world will have a load of vitriol and abuse thrown at her.  And no, I don’t mean from the likes of the EDL, I mean from ‘her own’ people. It is almost as if they’re sat there waiting for someone to ‘slip up,’ a Twitter Sheikh is never too far away.

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Me, Myself and Jihad.

Being Muslim British Asian and Female.

So, I’m ready.  I’ve prepared for this for ages,  I am not going to give up now and I simply can’t give up now. I’ve got thoughts flying through my head as to what my family will think, the community around me and the wider world.  What will they think of Muslims?  But I’ve got to do it, I need to please Allah.  At the end of the day, it’s between me and God and I’m willing to do what’s necessary to attain Jannah.

You see, we all make decisions, we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions.

What did you think when you were reading this through?  What do you understand of Jihad and what kind of Jihad did you think I was speaking about?

Jihad means to ‘struggle’, it means to ‘commit in the way of Allah’.  But there are two types of Jihad, the lesser and the greater Jihad.  Although it seems the wrong way round, the Jihad we hear about is the ‘lesser’ Jihad, although NOT in the way we hear about it.  The greater Jihad, is that of the self.  This is known as ‘Jihad al Nafs’, fighting against the self, psyche and the ego.  Battling with yourself where you’re being told to take the easy path, often the ‘bad’ path that leads to no good.  We fight against this all the time, every single one of us.

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