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A disease ravaging a generation…

…the result of when culture and religion clash.

I find myself discussing this topic every single day, some of the major issues currently enveloping Muslim youth who are of British Pakistani background is down to clash of religion and culture.  According to national statistic, British Pakistanis fair amongst the worst in their GCSE’s.  According to several statistics, a high percentage of gang rape cases involve British Pakistanis.  According to international statistics, forced marriages, honour killings, terrorism offences and other such grotesque and inhumane acts, involve Pakistanis.

All these Pakistanis, come from backgrounds and families that declare themselves Muslims.  Why is there such a clash with these acts being carried out by people who call themselves Muslims and what Islam actually teaches?

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The role of Pakistani parents…

….in getting a handle on these barbaric groomers.’

So, for the second time in as many years, we are reading of court cases on the vile and inhumane treatment of young impressionable and clearly vulnerable teenage girls, whereby they are being groomed for sex by young and middle aged men.

Now, I know this has gone on for years in various parts of the world unreported, including in this country, and for all I know, will continue to happen.  However, often when your own ‘community’ is under the microscope on such matters you pay more attention and are even more outraged as you supposedly share similarities with these people.  ‘Supposedly,’ being the operative word.

In November 2010, a gang of men from Derby were jailed for the sexual exploitation of young white girls.  The shock factor and added outraged here for me was that these men were Asian men of Pakistani background.  Second generation Pakistanis born and bred in this country.

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What next for Babar Ahmad?

Getting justice for Babar Ahmad

By the grace of the Almighty, the petition for Babar Ahmad reached 100,000 last night.

So, what does this actually mean for Babar Ahmad?  Does it mean he will now be freed?  No, not quite.  The road to justice is a long way and this is just the beginning.

I will say first, that everyone single one of us who signed the petition have made a difference in justice, we have become a symbol of justice and it shows that WE WILL NOT allow the authorities to do as they please.  Babar Ahmad going through an injustice like this, in the words of Martin Luther King is a ‘threat to justice everywhere’.   God has allowed us to get this far, but we mustn’t rest on our laurels, the next step needs to be taken.

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Who is Babar Ahmad?

“…Babar Ahmad is a 35 year old British Muslim and the longest detained-without-charge British detainee held as part of the global ‘war on terror’.”

So, a couple of weeks ago I posted a petition for Babar Ahmad to be put on trial in the UK, on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The first question I was asked was ‘who is he?’, and ‘why should we sign his petiton?’.  Both good questions.  But both shocked me.  Firsty, I was shocked that a man that had suffered such an injustice at the hands of ‘justice system’ was so little known and secondly I was left somewhat perplexed as to WHY people didn’t know about him.

Babar Ahmad currently has a contingency of volunteers working tirelessly for his release or at least for him to be tried in the UK.  He is a British Muslim who has been caught up in the wave of ‘anti-terror’ legislation and left to pay a high price.  As stated in the website he is:

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In response to Baroness Flather

In light of the recent comments by Baroness Flather, which I was pretty concerned and frustrated by, I felt the best way to release the anger was to blog about it.

Flather, a member of the Conservative party and who sits in the House of Lords, is part of an elite group of Asian women who have had this honour.  The highlights of the beginning parts of her career was her entrance into the House of Lords wearing a Sari.  According to Wikipedia she has also been Asian Who’s Who Asian of the Year 1996. In addition she has also served senior posts in various organisations involved in refugee, community, race relations and prison work.

Her comments for me brought up several issues.  For those who are not sure as to her comments, her main claims were that:

  • Pakistani and Bangladeshi families have large families in order to claim benefits and council houses
  • Pakistani and Bangladeshi families do not encourage their children into education , therefore I would assume she believes the ‘circle’ would continue
  • Pakistani and Bangladeshi families have not become a part of British culture in the same that Indian and Jewish immigrants have, the comparison based on the basis that all four sections of the community arrived to Britain at the same time.

A letter by Baroness Flather in, surprise surprise, the Daily Mail.

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