The musings of a Mancunian sport loving Muslimah

Blog Posts

I plan to continue to develop this blog and keep penning my thoughts.  So, just to keep it neat and tidy this will serve as a bank of links for posts I’ve written either on this blog or elsewhere.  Also hoping to populate this with additional links that I’ve come across which are invaluable.

Interviews with athletes.

  • Nathan Ellington Part I – Ipswich Town striker – Nathan discusses football, Islam and a new foundation he has helped set up.
  • Yaser Elqutub – An insight into the Palestinian American Linebacker and his quest to be a professional American footballer.
  • Zach Shaikh – A star in the making, Zach’s journey from Coventry to America in search of becoming a footaller.

Guest Posts – Posts I’ve written on other blogs, forums and websites.

  • Being a Muslim Teacher – A post for the inimitable Offistan Blog, discussing the perils of being a Muslim female teacher in state education.

Blog posts on football.

Culture & Football

The Religion and Culture Clash

  • A disease ravaging a generation – What happens when you’re parentss previous generations have a different outlook to life compared to you?  What happens when ignorance rules?  What happens when culture and religion clash, but religion takes the blame?


  • What day is it Twitter? – An open letter for those who take the moral high ground against sisters who choose to wear hijab.

The quest for justice

  • Who is Babar Ahmad? – An online petition left many asking the question who he was, and why does he matter?

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