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What next for Babar Ahmad?

Getting justice for Babar Ahmad

By the grace of the Almighty, the petition for Babar Ahmad reached 100,000 last night.

So, what does this actually mean for Babar Ahmad?  Does it mean he will now be freed?  No, not quite.  The road to justice is a long way and this is just the beginning.

I will say first, that everyone single one of us who signed the petition have made a difference in justice, we have become a symbol of justice and it shows that WE WILL NOT allow the authorities to do as they please.  Babar Ahmad going through an injustice like this, in the words of Martin Luther King is a ‘threat to justice everywhere’.   God has allowed us to get this far, but we mustn’t rest on our laurels, the next step needs to be taken.

So, what next?

Keep publicising the petition.  Keep getting signatures.  There is NO HARM in going over the 100,000 number, in fact this shows the government how serious we are and how important justice is to us.  The world watched as we saw the injustice of Troy Davis, we can’t allow that to happen.

The main step we ALL now need to take is to write to our MP’s.  If any of you watched the Parliament discussion on the Hillsbrough discussion on the Justice for the 96 supporters who were killed on the fateful day in Sheffield, will have noticed the number of MP’s who actually turned up.  It was saddening to say the least, because these people represent us, so surely if they represent us then should they not stand and fight for what we ask for them?  Are we not entitled to a response from them?

I’m not asking for individual letters to be written to MP’s, if we can, that would be excellent, however the hard work has already been done.  Visit the ‘Free Babar Ahmad‘ page and download the MP lobby pack.  All you need to do is visit and find the details of your local MP and forward the letter to them.

We need to DEMAND from the MP’s that they do ask and that they pressurise the coalition government to have a full Parliamentary debate on the matter so Babar Ahmad is put on trial in the UK.  In addition to this, we MUST then ensure that if, by the grace of God, the debate takes place our MP’s are present at the debate and place our views forward.  We can write individual letters to them, the momentum is with us with the number of signatures received, let’s keep it going.

Keep informing the public and family regarding Babar, there are still many people not aware of what is happening to him or what they can do to help.  Many reluctant to help a ‘terrorist’ in fear of their jobs, yet the reality is, this could be anyone’s brother/father.  We are all in this together,  this is a threat to human rights everywhere.

One key message I do want to share is that we need to STOP isolating this issue, PLEASE stop making this a Muslim issue only, this is about British Justice for British Citizens regardless of creed/colour.  We need to mobilise together.

We are all aware that:

“The rules also state: “If the subject of the e-petition is currently going through legal proceedings, it may be inappropriate for a debate to be held.” “

This is clearly something appropriate that needs to be discussed, how can extraditing a British citizen to the US for crimes alleged to have been committed in the UK be right?  Bemusing of all, he has been held for some 7 years yet never charged.  So, where is this so-called evidence?

Follow the BabarAhmad news via Twitter on the #BabarAhmad hashtag.

Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.


One response to “What next for Babar Ahmad?

  1. hijabiSISTER November 3, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    mash’Allah a great post sis 🙂 keep it up!

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