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Appreciating players from the opposition.

So, we welcome another footballing season. And undoubtedly a lot of the same points, arguments and cases will be made across the land and on the interwebs, not least via various social media networks and blogs/forums.

As football fans, we are sometimes unwittingly and subconciously told who we can and cannot like.  Players often become the flavoured ‘Villain of the Week’, and anyone who dares to disagree with the general consensus is seen as somewhat as an outcast.

The same it seems applies to those fans who appreciate a player from the opposition.  Why is this seen as such a bad thing?  Surely, we are first and foremost football fans and we can put aside our allegiance in appreciation for a wonderful footballer who has peformed outstandingly in what may have been difficult circumstances for his team otherwise.

This brings me to one man, David Silva.  I am an ardent Manchester United fan, I will always back the United players regardless of who they are, because I do believe once they’ve worn the United shirt we need to back them.  In addition, I totally trust Sir Alex, so if a player wasn’t performing and surplus to requirements he would invariably leave, ala Obertan and Bebe.  We won’t mention Gibson for now.

Anyway David Silva, this is a player of supreme talent.  He is elegant on the ball, football seems to come so easy to him.  His passing is crisp, his technique when striking the ball either an attempt at goal or passing to a team mate is exactly what we anticipate from attacking midfielders and not least his movement around the pitch.  He see’s things his team mates may not.  But.  But, he plays for Manchester City.

So, should this leave me in limbo?  Should I be happy to see him play?  Should I appreciate his play?  Or, should I be cursing him?  Because it’s certainly the former for me, watching Silva in the Premiership is an absolute joy.  But the love initially started in La Liga, THAT Valencia side that consisted of Silva, Villa and Joaquin were scintillating to watch and so easy on the eye.

See, it could also be that I’m somewhat annoyed that we never went for him.  Because, I feel he would fit in perfectly in to the way we like to play for football, into the side we’ve built and the player we are ‘missing’ based on our away performances last year.  He can unlock a defence with a simple side pass, a one touch footballer who can pass and move and create umpteenth chances for his team and probably get on the end of them as well.

The question I have though is, why are opposition fans so reluctact to praise players to others?  Or, even within themselves.  And why do those who do praise players, become the subject of a witchhunt and blasted as ‘non-fans’?  I do believe that some players are overhyped beyond measure, or it’s fustrating for football fans in the Premiership who watch La Liga to see a player perform at a top level week in, week out, and get little notice, but when he has his debut v Swansea he is mentioned as the next Messiah, but should this really overshadow our own thoughts and sense of perspective?

At the end of the day, we all agree on one thing.

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One response to “Appreciating players from the opposition.

  1. mcabsent February 25, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    As a neutral I like this. Another player that I find a lot of fans admire, is a personal favourite. I admire that Man U fans have embraced him, this player also plays for Man City. Yep, no introduction necessary for Mario Balotelli. I like his style, his political ideals, he’s basically a real life internet troll but does it on the field. So much so that I created a FB profile called Mario Balotrolli, sadly exposing and trolling the EDL meant I was mass reported but I will remember that profile fondly ❤

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