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A disease ravaging a generation…

…the result of when culture and religion clash.

I find myself discussing this topic every single day, some of the major issues currently enveloping Muslim youth who are of British Pakistani background is down to clash of religion and culture.  According to national statistic, British Pakistanis fair amongst the worst in their GCSE’s.  According to several statistics, a high percentage of gang rape cases involve British Pakistanis.  According to international statistics, forced marriages, honour killings, terrorism offences and other such grotesque and inhumane acts, involve Pakistanis.

All these Pakistanis, come from backgrounds and families that declare themselves Muslims.  Why is there such a clash with these acts being carried out by people who call themselves Muslims and what Islam actually teaches?

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The role of Pakistani parents…

….in getting a handle on these barbaric groomers.’

So, for the second time in as many years, we are reading of court cases on the vile and inhumane treatment of young impressionable and clearly vulnerable teenage girls, whereby they are being groomed for sex by young and middle aged men.

Now, I know this has gone on for years in various parts of the world unreported, including in this country, and for all I know, will continue to happen.  However, often when your own ‘community’ is under the microscope on such matters you pay more attention and are even more outraged as you supposedly share similarities with these people.  ‘Supposedly,’ being the operative word.

In November 2010, a gang of men from Derby were jailed for the sexual exploitation of young white girls.  The shock factor and added outraged here for me was that these men were Asian men of Pakistani background.  Second generation Pakistanis born and bred in this country.

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What day is it Twitter?

….Oh, look Twitter, it’s ‘Bash a Muslimah Day, again.’

Look around the Twitter-sphere and amongst the bots and madness, you’ll find an ample amount of people waiting and willing to give their opinion on any topic (@HassanMBD discussed these at length.)  One specific piece of clothing seems to be discussed on a daily basis, I’m surprised it isn’t trending all the time.

Every day on Twitter is ‘bash a Muslimah day.’ Every. Single. Day. You can guarantee that a Muslim sister in a some corner of the world will have a load of vitriol and abuse thrown at her.  And no, I don’t mean from the likes of the EDL, I mean from ‘her own’ people. It is almost as if they’re sat there waiting for someone to ‘slip up,’ a Twitter Sheikh is never too far away.

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Nathan Ellington on Islam and Football

Former Premier League footballer, Nathan Ellington speaks on Islam, football and a new foundation he has helped set up

By the will of Allah, Sporty Muslimah brings you a blog post with former Premier League footballer, currently plying his trade with Championship side Ipswich Town, Nathan Ellington.

The blog focuses on Nathan’s thoughts on football, Islam and a new foundation that he has set up.

Nathan Ellington began his career in the non-league at 16 years of age, playing regularly for Tooting & Mitcham United.  Having moved to Bristol Rovers several years later, he was part of the team that became the first third division side to beat a Premier League side, winning an FA Cup game against Derby County, where he scored a hat trick in a 3-1 win and subsequently etched his name into the history books, also being a part of the Division 3 Team of the Season in 2001-2002.

Since then, Nathan has played for Wigan Athletic, West Brom, Watford (something with the W’s?) and now at Ipswich Town, with various loan signings in-between.

Apart from making huge strides in football, Nathan has also been on a personal journey since becoming a professional football player.  I very much appreciate the time taken to answer a few questions, and an insight into the affectionately known, ‘Duke’.

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What next for Babar Ahmad?

Getting justice for Babar Ahmad

By the grace of the Almighty, the petition for Babar Ahmad reached 100,000 last night.

So, what does this actually mean for Babar Ahmad?  Does it mean he will now be freed?  No, not quite.  The road to justice is a long way and this is just the beginning.

I will say first, that everyone single one of us who signed the petition have made a difference in justice, we have become a symbol of justice and it shows that WE WILL NOT allow the authorities to do as they please.  Babar Ahmad going through an injustice like this, in the words of Martin Luther King is a ‘threat to justice everywhere’.   God has allowed us to get this far, but we mustn’t rest on our laurels, the next step needs to be taken.

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The Not So Beautiful Game

Racism rears its ugly head.

Over the course of the past several weeks, I’ve read and heard several arguments regarding the ongoing cases of alleged racism against Evra, Ferdinand and Kanoute, with Suarez, John Terry (not JT!) and Cesc Fabregas involved.  Astonishingly, it seems in these instances, the claims of racism have been made where fellow professionals are trying to derail an opponent, for a subsequent advantage for their team.

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Me, Myself and Jihad.

Being Muslim British Asian and Female.

So, I’m ready.  I’ve prepared for this for ages,  I am not going to give up now and I simply can’t give up now. I’ve got thoughts flying through my head as to what my family will think, the community around me and the wider world.  What will they think of Muslims?  But I’ve got to do it, I need to please Allah.  At the end of the day, it’s between me and God and I’m willing to do what’s necessary to attain Jannah.

You see, we all make decisions, we are all responsible for our own thoughts and actions.

What did you think when you were reading this through?  What do you understand of Jihad and what kind of Jihad did you think I was speaking about?

Jihad means to ‘struggle’, it means to ‘commit in the way of Allah’.  But there are two types of Jihad, the lesser and the greater Jihad.  Although it seems the wrong way round, the Jihad we hear about is the ‘lesser’ Jihad, although NOT in the way we hear about it.  The greater Jihad, is that of the self.  This is known as ‘Jihad al Nafs’, fighting against the self, psyche and the ego.  Battling with yourself where you’re being told to take the easy path, often the ‘bad’ path that leads to no good.  We fight against this all the time, every single one of us.

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Yaser Elqutub – The Rising Palestinian American Linebacker

Sporty Muslimah continues with her blog to bring news of Muslims who are breaking barriers to get into mainstream sport.  Yaser el Qutub is a first-generation Arab-American born in Houston, TX.  Yaser is an upcoming star of American Football.  Having won several awards, he has now been forward for the 2011 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team.

Yaser tells his story of how he came into American Football, the charitable works he has done, the strides he is making to become a physician, the important role his family plays and in sight as to why we should vote him.

All action, for Yaser.

Click here to vote for Yaser as the 2011 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team.

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Who is Babar Ahmad?

“…Babar Ahmad is a 35 year old British Muslim and the longest detained-without-charge British detainee held as part of the global ‘war on terror’.”

So, a couple of weeks ago I posted a petition for Babar Ahmad to be put on trial in the UK, on my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  The first question I was asked was ‘who is he?’, and ‘why should we sign his petiton?’.  Both good questions.  But both shocked me.  Firsty, I was shocked that a man that had suffered such an injustice at the hands of ‘justice system’ was so little known and secondly I was left somewhat perplexed as to WHY people didn’t know about him.

Babar Ahmad currently has a contingency of volunteers working tirelessly for his release or at least for him to be tried in the UK.  He is a British Muslim who has been caught up in the wave of ‘anti-terror’ legislation and left to pay a high price.  As stated in the website he is:

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A Star in the Making

Introducing Zach Shaikh and his story on his journey to become a professional footballer

As a Muslim born and bred in Britain and someone fascinated with sport, it has always intrigued me to learn and find out about those who are trying to break barriers and become professional stars within mainstream sport.

With this in mind, I have a first interview lined up with Zachariah Shaikh, you can find him on Twitter @ZizziShaikh

Zach currently resides in North Carolina, America where he moved in order to pursue his footballing career.  Being the only child and born to Muslim parents in the UK, he has always had their support and blessing to become the best he can be.  Blessed with natural talent and a desire to compete at the highest level possible, Zach answers a few questions and tells of his journey to become a professional footballer.

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